“Wakanoura” -the resort of the Manyo nobles- A live performance of scenery and words with GAKU-MC.

Wakanoura, “Treasure House of Scenic Beauty”, has been a favorite resort designation for nobles and intellectuals in history, and therefore been a source of inspiration for various forms of arts. Explore and celebrate Wakanouraʼs history through talks and performances!

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Meeting with different people and scenery is the source of my inspiration for music. I look forward to this new journey.


Talk "Japan Heritage of Wakayama"

Murase Norio, Yoshimura Teruki

Let’s learn about the historical and cultural background of Wakayama and Wakamatsuri Festival with Murase Norio and Yoshiura Teruki as guests.

Folk Performance

Wakamatsuri Festival

Parade performance from Wakamatsuri festival which continue over 400 years.



Perform rap songs made through traveling all over the world.


Ryutei Saryu

Fantastic storyteller invites one-person comedy show.

Japanese Classical Dance

Hananomoto Kotobuki

Beautiful and dynamic dance with hommage of waknoura journey


(Koto)Hirano Hiroko, Okamura Shintaro 
(Bamboo flute)Ajima Yozan

Express a scenery of changing nature by Japanese traditional music of Koto and bamboo flute.

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Let's walk around Wakanoura!

A walking tour by a local guide (approximately 1 hour, 300 yen per person, requires reservation). For application, call Wakayama city tourist center at 073-433-8118.

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Take a photo of your favorite scenery and post it up with “#和歌の浦イイね!”. You can apply on the town walking day or beforehand. While live performing, GAKU-MC will provide comments to pictures which catches his eye.
Official SNS→Twitter @takaramono_pj Instagram @takaramono.pj

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Let's taste Wakanoura!

10:00〜14:00 at Wakanoura fishing port (only on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)
You can taste fresh seafood and whitebait domburi!




The living legend of Japanese hip-hop music, who sings rap music with an acoustic guitar. Has released an album “Rappucino,” a collection of songs he made during his trip around the world, and is now on his live tour all around Japan in a camper.


Murase Norio

Emeritus professor of Kinki University. With over forty years of research on Manyoshu, the oldest anthology of Waka, he focuses especially on Wakanoura. Manyo poetry from Wakanoura greatly influenced generations of poets beyond the Heian era.


Yoshimura Teruki

A specially-appointed associate professor of The Institute of Kishu Economic and Cultural History of Wakayama University. Researcher of local festivities across Japan. Is engaged in the revival and succession of Wakamatsuri Ofunauta.


Ryutei Saryu

In 1993, became an apprentice to Yanagiya Sankyo. In 2006, received the Shin’uchi rank, the highest. Won the gold award of Hanagata Engei Prize two years in a row. His Rakugo with wide range of expression attracts audiences. Recently he has supervised Rakugo performance of NHK TV drama “Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.”

Japanese Classical Dance

Hananomoto Kotobuki

The 16th head of Hananomoto line. Part-time professor of Nihon Kogakuin Hachioji College. Won the tournament of Shinshun Buyo Prize held by The Japanese Classical Dance Association. Performs in stages inside and outside Japan, and also choreographs and appears in artists’ music videos, TV dramas, and plays.

Koto Japanese harp

Hirano Hiroko

Studied Ikuta line koto (Japanese harp) music under Furuya Tomizo and Furuya Yasue. Masters degree from the Tokyo University of the Arts, faculty of music, department of traditional Japanese music. Won the Miyagi Award as a student. Active as solo recitalist, lecturer and teacher at elementary and middle schools, exposing young studensts to Japanese music.

Koto Japanese harp

Okamura Shintaro

Masters degree from Tokyo University of the Arts. As a student, performed at Tokagakudo, a concert hall in the imperial palace, in the presence of the Emperor. Member of the joint study at Research Center for Japanese Traditional Music of Kyoto City University of Arts. Won the highest award in the 22nd Kumamoto Japanese “Hougaku” Music Contest. Focuses on the sound of koto (Japanese harp), sangen (three-stringed instrument), and jiuta (country songs of Kyoto and Osaka regions).

Bamboo flute

Ajima Yozan

Studied shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) under Yamamoto Hozan, honored as a Living National Treasure. Masters degree in music from the Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school. Performs both inside and outside Japan, and appears in TV commercials and programs as well. Collaborates with harp players, with the theme of “a fusion of Japanese and Western.”

Folk performance

Wakamatsuri Festival

Locals of Wakanoura began celebrating Wakamatsuri festival, praying for the peace of Japan. In 1621, the traditional performing arts of Kishu region (modern-day Wakayama and Mie Prefectures), were gathered by Tokugawa Yorinobu, the first feudal lord of Kishu Domain. And since the following year, Wakamatsuri has been carried on as the festival of the Kishu- Toshogu Shrine.



27 January(Sun)14:00 start


Wakanoura Art Cube




100 seat


Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing

Arts Organizations [GEIDANKYO]

TEL:03-5909-3060 FAX:03-5909-3061


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Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan,

Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations


Wakayama City

Public Relation Cooperation

KNT Corporate Business Co., Ltd.



Wakayama City Tourist Association, Wakamatsuri Preservation Association, Kyodo News, Japan Playwrights Association, Japanese Classical Dance Association, Japan Sankyoku Association, Rakugo Association



Kansaibutai, Nankai Stage
[Production Cooperateion]


Shintaro Murakami (Yuguresya Yowaotoko Unit)
[Art Direction]

Kosuke Niwano (Shinmura Design Office)

Takehiro Kawase (POLAAR), Ayumi Furudo(mikazuki), Alexei Moroboshi(Mana Design),Tomohiko Manabe (neold)

Haruta Taguchi(ARTS-WagoN)/DIRECTORY Inc.

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