About the Nippon Takaramono Project
Japan’s Cherished Treasures Project

Japan’s Cherished Treasures Project took place from 2017 – 2018. The goal was to promote the enjoyment of traditional culture through the experience of live performances at incredible and fascinating locations nationwide such as shrines and temples. Each region’s unique local culture “Japan Heritage” and various Japanese performing arts “Live Arts” were combined in order to highlight the regional culture and traditional performing arts that remain relatively unknown. Travelers and tourists were encouraged to experience the unique Japanese entertainment and meet with the “treasures” who performed these traditional arts. They did not need to have knowledge of the traditions or the history. You can also be inspired by these performances if you go to the top of the page and access the link to the performance pages where you are able to access videos of each performance.

What is “Japan Heritage”

There are unique and characteristic “stories” brought up by climate and history in each places of Japan. The regional stories having deep connection with cityscapes, traditional architectures, industries, and festivals are authorized as “Japan Heritage” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Now, in many places around the country, unique “Japan Heritage” is discovered one after another.

What is “Live Art”

“Live Art” is an expression used to connote the combination of entertainment and demonstration art. Because the performance is live, the appeal resonates in the hearts of the viewers. It is a great way to experience the traditional performing arts that very few have the privilege of being able to encounter.

Project Structure

Organizer Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations
Co-organizer The local governments of the Japan Heritage Recognition, etc
※It varies according to the heritage site and acceptance
Public Relation Cooperation KNT Corporate Business Co., Ltd.
Cooperation Kyodo News/Japan Playwrights Association