A colorful live performance of stone, pottery, and colored leaves.
You’ll be surprised to find the colorful culture of Japan in Natadera Temple in the season of autumn leaves.

Do you know the multicolored and unique Kutani pottery? The world-class “Japan Kutani” is nurtured by the “nature” and “people” of Komatsu.
Tracking back its roots, there was a “culture of stone” in this region from 2300 years ago. We have gathered many colorful elements from Komatsu and Japan in this performance. We will have lives of expressive Rakugo (Japanese stand-up comedy) and traditional performing arts in autumn colored Natadera Temple. Let’s have fun experiencing the culture which was nurtured in Komatsu with the “traveller” Miyu Sakihi. You should be able to come across Japan which you did not know!

Navigator / Sakihi Miyu

Ever since playing the roll of a potter, I have been immensely curious about pottery. I cannot wait to find out about the culture of Komatsu!



Mochizuki Seiji(Division manager of festivity and exchange of Komatsu city)

The guide of history and culture of Komatsu. He can answer anything about Komatsu.


Yoshita Yukio(The fourth of Kinzangama kiln)

The fourth generation, whose father is a living national treasure, is always future oriented. His works and he himself is also very unique.

Folk performance

Komatsu Kyodo Minyo Kai

Work songs sung in mine digging long time ago. Feel the history of the region once again.


Sanshotei Yumemaru

Rakugo (Japanese stand-up comedy) vigorously portrays people’s lifestyles of Edo period. The program will be announced on the day of performance.

Japanese Classical Dance with Nagauta Shamisen Music "Four Seasons"

Hanayagi Genkuro, Kineya Katsujuro, Kineya Gosakichio, Tosha Royu, Tosha Akane, Fujita Kazuya

Nagauta, flamboyant Kabuki music, and dynamic Japanese classical dance. Don’t miss the energetic Nagauta performance from Komatsu oriented “Kanjincho”!

【Joint event】Adventure of exploring the shape

Special exhibition "Adventure of Crafts"

【Joint event】Traditional ceramics and cuisine

Let's enjoy the seafood of Ishikawa served by Kutani ware!



Sakihi Miyu

Born in Miyazaki. Joined the Takarazuka Revue in 2010, became the head of the female role players of Snow troupe in 2014. Gained tremendous popularity for her distinguished acting and clear singing voice. Left the company in July, 2017. In August, starred in a musical called “Ghost,” the first stage after leaving the company, where she challenged making pottery as her role was Molly, a potter in NY. Will appear in “Love never die” in January and February, 2019.


Mochizuki Seiji

Director of Nigiwai Koryu department of Komatsu city. Born in Miyagi. Engaged in the protection and investigation of buried cultural properties of Komatsu since 1984, became the director of Komatsu Buried Cultural Propery Investigation Center. Is now working on tourism promotion using regional cultural assets such as “The story of Komatsu’s Gems,” the Japan Heritage. Specializes in Japanese archaeology, history of ancient ceramic industry.


Yoshita Yukio

The fourth generation of Kinzangama Kiln, which specializes in Kutani pottery's glaze painting with gold. The distinctive feature of the porcelain is its smooth impression, which is colored with pale colors like watercolor paintings. Received the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition Takamatsunomiya Memorial Award in 2010. Will make new Kutani by crossing limits.


Sanshotei Yumemaru 

Born in Niigata. A Rakugo enthusiast since childhood, he became a disciple of Sanshotei Yumemaru. In 2015, succeeded Sanshotei Yumemaru the second with the promotion of Shinuchi, the highest rank in Rakugo. His fluent speach and performance is accesible to Rakugo beginners and also popular among experts.

Japanese Classical Dance

Hanayagi Genkuro

Born on 1981 in Nara. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2003. Is known for his colorful and powerful performance style which fascinates people. Won the Incentive Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2017. Received the new face award from Association of Dance Critics in 2013.

Nagauta Shamisen

Kineya Katsujuro

Born on 1978 in Chiba. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Has shiny sound and skillful technique. Plays in variety of performances such as Kabuki, Japanese classic dance, and other concerts. Has won awards in playing Tsugaru-shamisen as well.

Nagauta Hayashi

Tosha Royu

Born in Kyoto on 1971. Grandson of Takezawa Yashichi the tenth, Bunraku (Japanese puppet theatre) shamisen player. Became a disciple in 1993, named Tosha Royu since 2000. Performs widely in concerts of classical Japanese music, Japanese dance, and NHK TV programs. Runs a school of small drums in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Komatsu Kyodo Minyo



November 11th 2018 (Sun)

12:00~13:00/14:30~15:30(two shows a day)


Natadera Temple



*need to pay entrance fee of Natadera temple


100 seats  ( you can book your seat in advance)

booking until 8th Nov. 5:00 pm.

TEL→0761-24-8076(Komatsu city)


Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations [GEIDANKYO]
TEL03-5909-3060 FAX03-5909-3061
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Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations


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[Art Direction]

Kosuke Niwano (Shinmura Design Office)


Takehiro Kawase (POLAAR), Ayumi Furudo(mikazuki), Alexei Moroboshi(Mana Design),Tomohiko Manabe (neold)


Takahiro Tsuboi/DIRECTORY Inc.

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