Walk, eat, and enjoy “Oyama-mairi (Pilgrimage to Oyama).”

“Oyama-mairi,” an annual event in summer continuing from Edo period, is a Japanese heritage in Isehara. Oyama was a popular travel spot in Edo era where 1/5 of the population visited. For Edo citizens, Oyama-mairi was a convenient location that combined“pilgrimage” and “amusement.” “Nippon Takaramono Project” relives that experience in the modern era. We will hike around sacred locations with a guide in the daytime, and enjoy the festival with local food and sake in the nighttime. We will introduce you the Japanese local “treasure” through live performances. Let’s have fun and learn at the same time in the “pilgrimage to Oyama in Heisei”!

Navigator / Thane Camus

Thane was hooked on Kyogen when he acted in a contemporary Kyogen with a comedian, Kiyotaka Nanbara, and was taught by Manzo Nomura. He's become very familiar with various traditional cultures since then.


Talk "Japan Heritage of Isehara"

Meguro Kunihiko 

Yamato Mai "Song of Shirogane"

Talk "Japan Heritage of Isehara"

Hirota Yusuke

Kyogen "Iroha"

Oyama Nohgakusha Hozon Kai

Shimai "Yashima"

Oyama Nohgakusha Hozon Kai

Japanese Classical Dance with Nagauta Shamisen Music "Four Seasons"

Fujima Naozo
Kineya Gosakichio, Kineya Katsukuniharu,
Mochizuki Hideyuki, Mochizuki Masahiro, Fujita Kazuya



Thane Camus

Born in New York, U.S.A. He loves Japanese culture in depth and travels around Japan. He got legitimate practice of Kyogen and has been starring in Gendai Kyogen, contemporary Kyogen, from 2009.


Meguro Kunihiko

Born in 1986, son of Meguro family(Buddhist shaman), assistant senior priest of Ohyama-afuri Shrine. Learnt Oyama Noh and Yamatomai dance since an early age. Enjoys photography (many of his photos are posted on the Facebook of the Ohyama-afuri Shrine). Supports in the publicity of the shrine and Isehara city with his wide range of knowledge.


Hirota Yusuke

After climbing Mt. Fuji for over 300 times, he took an interest and began climbing sacred mountains all over Japan. Now he acts as a mountain guide, and researches on materials about spiritual mountains in Japan.

Japanese Classical Dance 

Fujima Naozo

Born in 1992 in Tokyo. Began studying Japanese dance at the age of 6, already has 20 years of history as a performer! Has a strong and eloquent style. Has received many awards and is a promising young dancer. Also, he has received 4th in the lightweight class of World Karate Championship.

Nagauta Shamisen

Kineya Gosakichio

Born in Tokyo on 1979. Son of Kashiwagi Minoru, the head of traditional folk song Kashiwagi school. Started training nagauta shamisen at the age of 8, hence spanning a career of 31years! His honest and traditional style is based on his firm technique; performs not only in Kabukiza, but dance performances and televisions as well.

Nagauta Hayashi 

Mochizuki Hideyuki

Born in 1983 in Tokyo. Learned Ohayashi (musical accompaniment) since early age, has 30 years of history as a performer! Appears in Kabuki performances at Nakamuraza and many other dance performances. Recently has produced “Ohayashi project,” a project aiming for the coexistence of Eastern and Western music.

Yamatomai and Oyama Noh Kyogen(Folk performance)

Oyama Nohgakusha Hozon Kai

Varieties of entertainment have been passed down to people in Oyama. Yamatomai dance was passed down from Kasuga Taisha in Nara, and Oyama Noh comedy has been handed down from Edo period. This time, local students from elementary, middle school, and high school will specially perform with their master, professional Noh player.



28 August, 2018 (Tue.)

18:00~19:30(Doors open at 17:30)


Oyama-Afuri Jinja Shamukyoku Nogakuden

355 Oyama, Isehara, Kanagawa 259-1107
*Toll parking/Local Bus between Isehara station and Shamukyoku-iriguchi


Admission Free


200 seats


Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing

Arts Organizations [GEIDANKYO]

TEL:03-5909-3060 FAX:03-5909-3061


(Please change ★ to @ when you would like to contact us.)


Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan,

Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations


Isehara City Japan Heritage Council, Oyama-Afuri Shrine

Public Relation Cooperation

KNT Corporate Business Co., Ltd.


Kyodo News, Japan Playwrights Association, Nagauta Association, Japanese Classical Dance Association Inc., Oyama Nohgakusha Hozon Kai, Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.



Okada Butai, Pare Total Sound Creator


Reiko Murano(NICK-PRODUCE)

[Art Direction]

Kosuke Niwano (Shinmura Design Office)


Takehiro Kawase (POLAAR), Tomohiko Manabe (neold)

[Photos・Movie ]

Takahiro Tsuboi/DIRECTORY Inc.

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