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Yoshizumi Toshiki(senior priest of Dewa Sanzan Shrine)

Yamai Tsunao(Noh performer)
Sakamoto Daizaburo(Yamabushi)
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at Tsuruoka, Yamagata Pref.

1st November(Sun)2020
Free (video is available until 31st December, 2020)
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The three mountains of Dewa (Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan, and Mt. Yudono) in Yamagata Prefecture respectively represent the present, past, and future.
The journey through the three mountains has come to be known as a passage through death to life, “a pilgrimage of rebirth”, since the Edo period.
Even now, Yamabushi training (called shugendo) is being carried out, and you can see a group of Yamabushi in white costumes climbing the three mountains and soliciting donations throughout the city in the fall.
This "Matsu- no-Kanjin" is one of the mountain trainings in the winter that is held for a hundred days from September 24th.
The Shoreisai festival, which is held on the final day of December 31st at the summit of Mt. Haguro, is said to have originated from containing an epidemic and various rituals are performed. Yamabushi is an entity that absorbs the spiritual power of nature through trainings and provide that power to people through prayer and performing arts.
There are Yamabushi, who gains skills of coexisting with nature through the trainings, and Noh performer who trains daily and embodies the world of the supernatural.
Why do they embody the power of nature? A talk show by the spiritual seekers living in the present will be broadcasted online from the field.

*In February 2021, an online tour will be available which introduces the video of "The Shoreisai Festival" and Buddhist vegetarian food.

吉住登志喜(出羽三山神社 禰宜)

Yoshizumi Toshiki(senior priest of Dewa Sanzan Shrine)

Chief director of Ceremonies at Dewasanzan-jinja Shrine and the general manager of Planning and Public Relations Office. He conveys Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism to the present. Head of Myokoin, the ascetic lodging at the foot of Haguroyama mountain.

山井綱雄(金春流 能楽師)

Yamai Tsunao(Noh performer)

A Komparu school Noh player. Engages in the Noh spread and the enlightenment of “the heart of Japan” under the faith, “Noh is the world's best art.” Holds many workshops for beginners and performances in schools. Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Asset. Director of Nonprofit foundation “Association of Noh”, the 2014 cultural ambassador of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Performs overseas and costars and make original works with other genres artists. Challenges new possibilities of Noh.


Sakamoto Daizaburo(Yamabushi)

Born in Chiba prefecture in 1975, a Buddhist monk based in Tohoku region. Also as an artist, participated in "Yamagata Biennale," "International Art Festival 2016 in Seto," and "Reborn-Art Festival 2019." Active as a writer focusing on the connection between man and nature. His main writings include "Buddhist monk and I" (little more), "Buddhist monk notebook" (Gijutsu-Hyohron), "Gods of the mountain" (A&F).


Asano Sho(Tsugaru Shamisen player)

Born in Miyagi prefecture, 1990. When he was 14, he was the youngest person to win the highest rank A level of the All-Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Contest and won for three consecutive years up to 2006, recognized in its Hall of Fame. While passing on folk song by oral tradition, he collaborates with many artists inside and outside Japan. With his astounding performance skills and natural charm, his power to convey the fascination of Shamisen music stands above the rest.