Niigata -a town of dance-
Celebratory live a month before 150 years anniversary of opening the port in Niigata

Dance is hot in Niigata. It still retains one of the leading high-quality geisha culture with traditional dance. Recently, Niigata is becoming famous for Japan’s biggest dance festival. All these sprung up from Kitamae-Bune (cargo ships that sailed the Japan Sea during the Edo period) which prospered from Edo to Meiji era. Niigata port, the biggest port throughout the Japan Sea at the time, celebrated on January 1, 2019 its 150th anniversary.
Let’s celebrate “a month before celebration live” and travel around Niigata with the “Navigator” Kensaku Kobayashi.

Navigator / Kobayashi Kensaku

Looking forward to the performance and soul dance originated in Niigata!



Nouchi Takahiro Ichiyama Nasoro Iwagami Yutaka

Talk about Japan Heritage in Niigata, special scenery and traditional dance culture.

Ozashiki Odori

Furumachi Geigi

Experience the distinctive traditional dance of Niigata at the drawing room of historical architecture Enkikan!

Niigata Taru Kinuta

Eijima-ryu Niigata Taru Kinuta Foundation

Background music is indispensable to Soh-odori. Its dance-like performance method is distinct of Niigata.

Japanese Classical Dance

Ichiyama style

Japanese traditional dance Ichiyama school is designated as a cultural asset that constitutes the Japan Heritage. Most traditional dancers are based in big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, but Ichiyama school roots in local area.



Kobayashi Kensaku

Actor, director, and dancer. Writes scripts and directs short stories for CONDORS (a dance company). Plays the roll of “Ofurosuki” in “Miitusketa!” a TV program by NHK Educational television. Starred in NHK Taiga Drama “Sanadamaru,” and many others.


Nouchi Takahiro

(President of the “Rojiren Niigata”, a walk about town group)
A pioneer of town walking, famous for the guide of “Bura Tamori.” Have received several awards for activities on promoting the region such as “The town of Niigata/ Kouji meguri” and “Port town Niigata/ Hiyoriyama.”


Ichiyama Nasoro

(Head of Japanese traditional dance Ichiyama school)
One of the few head families of Japanese traditional dance based in local area. Ichiyama school has contributed to the development of geisha culture in Niigata since Edo era. The present head Nasoro does the choreography of the Soh-odori. Supports Niigata’s dance culture.


Iwagami Yutaka

(The general director of Niigata Soh-odori.)
One of the masterminds of Niigata Soh-odori, a dance festival that attracts over 10,000 people. The general director of “Art Mix Japan,” an event introducing traditional cultures.

Japanese Classical Dance


Based in Niigata, founded by the kabuki actor of Kyoto-Osaka area in mid 18th century. Has contributed to the development of the world of dance and geisha culture in Niigata through the guidance of Furumachi Geigi. The first designated Intangible Cultural Property of Niigata city in 2004.

Furumachi Geigi

Ozashiki Odori

Dances performed by geigi. Niigata was the base of Kitamae sea route in Edo era. Geisha, Japanese singing and dancing girls, served in Japanese restaurants in Furumachi, about 400 geishas were active at its peak. In 1987, Ryuto-Shinko Co., Ltd. was founded, a company which supports Niigata’s Japanese restaurant cultures by training Geishas and managing them.

Niigata Taru Kinuta

Eijima-ryu Niigata Taru-Kinuta Tradition

Taru-Kinuta is a traditional performance of Niigata, established in Edo era. Dances were improvised by drumming on "taru (cask)" containing soy sauce or sake. For the restoration and succession of Taru-Kinuta, Eijima Kozan did a research on the originally developed Taru-Kinuta all over Niigata, and established Taru-Kinuta Eijima school.



1 December (Sat) , 2018

11:30〜/ 14:00〜







80 seats

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Kanemasa Nakajima (Gekidan Hannya-s)

[Art Direction]

Kosuke Niwano (Shinmura Design Office)


Takehiro Kawase (POLAAR), Ayumi Furudo(mikazuki), Alexei Moroboshi(Mana Design),Tomohiko Manabe (neold)


Takahiro Tsuboi/DIRECTORY Inc.

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